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Circuit Training: A Faster way to get your ideal shape

Circuit Training: A Faster way to get your ideal shape

Are you looking to reach the new energy level in your exercise routine? Circuit training is a great way to exert your body while keeping the excitement factor boosted. In the minimum time you will be able to achieve your goal of an ideal physique and healthy muscle strength.

In circuit training workout you have to move quickly one after the other in 8-10 stations doing different exercise moves in each station with no intervals in between.

You can swap in between different stations, switching different body building exercises, strength and conditioning workouts using your equipment at the gym. If you are at home, you can switch between push-ups, squats, biking, brisk walking or with dumbbells, resistant band etc.

Circuit training for women

Circuit training is recommended for both male and female body. It is said that circuit training burns 30% more calories than a regular workout programs at gym. Circuit training for women is an excellent way to gain muscle strength and accelerate your fat burning process. Body fat has always been a primary concern for women. They always have more tendencies to accumulate fat in hips and thighs. So women who are looking for lean figure, toned muscles, small waist and have been exercising, lifting weights but still not achieving their goals circuit training is the right answer for you.

Benefits of circuit training

Get results in minimum time

In today’s fast lifestyle nobody has time to spend hours in gym. In circuit training you can set your time and setup as many stations as you want. You go through these stations as long as your time ends. This full body workout may take 15mins or an hour that’s totally up to you.

Beat boredom

In circuit training workout there are different stations which you go through swapping between different exercise equipment and switching with dumbbells, resistance band, pushups, squats, biking, bodybuilding exercises etc. This swapping and switching does not let you get bored of your exercise routine.

Try all fitness tools

You get to try most fitness tools if you are doing your training in gym. In usual workout programs most of the equipment tools are not used in gym. Circuit training give you the chance to use and switch between different tools quickly one after the other.

Whole body workout

Circuit training is a whole body workout. It is targeted for a particular goal that is to burn fats and gain muscle strength. This short but intense 30 min workout challenges your body with some strength training exercises and burns your body fat more quickly.

Few tips before starting your circuit workout routine

 Health concerns

Before starting your circuit training routine make sure that you do not have any knee or back injury. Moreover you are not suffering from any disease which might prohibit you to undergo such routine.

Set your limit

Set a limit according to your weight and body, before you start. How far can you go, how much you can exert or how much weight you can carry so that you don’t end up having an injury.

Mix cardio with strength training

You can add cardio in between your circuit training exercises. It will help you to boost your workout program while accelerating your fat burning process.

Let your muscles relax

Give a break for a day or two after circuit workout. Your muscles need to fully relax and strengthen before your next workout.

Using weights

If you are using weights it is always better to start with light weights. Once you are comfortable and come in the right form, you can move on to heavier weights. Heavier weights do not make you bulky rather improve your muscle strength in short period of time.

Multiple muscle groups

Other than just biceps or curls try to do those workouts and exercises which uses multiple muscle group at a time like squats, deadlifts, pushups, pull-ups, dips etc. This is how you will get to have a full body workout quickly.

Circuit training classes

It is better to check if your gym instructor is offering circuit training classes. Other than that on regular gym hours when other people are using the gym equipment it isn’t possible to do your circuit training workout as you have to move quickly between different machines.

If you are looking for a perfect body shape with strong muscle and endurance level just 30 minutes of circuit training in a day can do wonders to your body. Time has been and will remain constraint for each one of us. To gain maximum benefit consuming least of your time is the art we need to master. To see what is best you need to research, read, ask and make a suitable workout for yourself. Mixing up a few exercises with strength and conditioning training workouts and some cardio moves you will be able to design your own circuit training workout program.

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