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Ignacio Wencelblat

About Me

Hi, I’m Ignacio. I’m a fitness fan and personal trainer who’s become passionate about fitness and helping others after seeing the amazing results that come from strength training.  I never realized how much deeper strength training went than just improving my health and fitness levels. I became more passionate about fitness when I saw the results of my hard work of losing weight and building muscle. This made me realize the importance of personal development, discipline, and consistency. I started to learn more about my genetics, its mechanisms, and the endless world of hypertrophy and strength development. With this knowledge, I started to change the way I trained, how I  tracked my fitness results, and the new structured programs which led to spectacular results. I started to fall in love myself, and began to …

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Mission Statement

Ignaciosports offers a new way for people to enjoy their fitness with results. By sculpting and developing their avatar, they will be able to journey to their genetic potential and understand what it means to connect with self.