Best Way To Build Lean Muscle

HOW TO BUILD LEAN MUSCLE and get results in each training session

Create Different Rep Ranges

This will allow you to focus on controlling the weight for x reps. The idea is on a 10-12rep range, and reach the 12th rep in order to increase the load. Then we can add different training methods such as basic progression or dynamic double progression with different styles.
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Controlled Reps

Controlling eccentric and concentric movement will allow you to set up a tempo where you can connect with the targeted muscle much better while keeping full tension ONLY on those muscles.

Controlled reps are also tied in with movement velocity. Controlled but explosive movement is more likely to stimulate faster fibers and slower movements might better stimulate smaller motor units.

Mind Muscle Connection

This is the fundamental of training if results are what you seek.
Think of it as “savage yoga training.” In your mind, you have to visualize the targeted muscles contracting and lifting the weight, ( 97% of people I see training, just move weight around) feeling every sensation, and trying to contract every fiber rather than going through the motions.
Yes, in both eccentric and concentric movements, I know is easier said than done, but this is why we practice on a rep range with controlled reps, with perfect form, and full mind-muscle connection before adding more reps or weight.

Full range Of Motion ( ROM )

Partial reps can work and give results but as you become a more advanced lifter a full range of motion will be more beneficial.
Different motor units activate during different portions along the range of
motion of a movement. Some are activated through the whole range, some
at the stretched position, some at the contracted position, and some at various
points between.
Tension while stretching a muscle seems to be an independent growth stimulator
in addition to tension itself. By doing full ROM, you can stimulate
growth via both tension in general and tension under stretch specifically.

Training To Failure

Before training to failure all the above must be in check, otherwise, the only thing failing is your training session.
Training to failure should be the goal of every program. While one session at 10 RPE will cause more growth than one session at 5 RPE, the 10 RPE session will create more fatigue. This fatigue will limit your ability to progressively overload across subsequent weeks and therefore limit gains.

Having the right workout programming “structure” will allow you to maximize muscle growth without limiting your gains, we do this by creating a periodization.

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 Focus on Recovery

Breaking Satellite cells is the focus at the gym ” creating damage “. Off the gym, we need to repair the damage, so we can come back strong enough to progress from past workouts.

Ideally, you want to train based on how well you can repair if that makes sense.

Start by sleeping 8hrs, upping your protein intake to 1.5lb per body weight, and reduce stress as much as possible. You’d be amazed at how much these factors truly affect your ability to improve your body composition.

Recovery means that you’re able to have great pumps when working out, you can progress with your lifts, you are in a good mood, and you can enjoy and perform optimally at everything.

My Experience With The Fitness App

For the past 3 years, I have been seeing amazing results only by doing the things I didn’t want to do, or I thought it was a waste of time, didn’t really matter…just completely ignored it.

First off I am very angry at the amount of time ( life) wasted when I could have made big gains, especially between 25-30yrs when the body was able to perform at its peak. That said I created a goal for myself that I want to accomplish. To be 183lb less than 10%fat  all NATURAL by the age of 40.

I started at 36.5 and got in the best shape possible ( time of writing this I am 38.5) , dropped weight/fat down to 150lb  6-7% fat.


Dropping weight is way different than trying to build muscle, but having the right structure & strategy, and tools to keep you on track is a must!

I started doing online training for a lot of my clients with the virtual app and saw how well it worked for them when following a plan, the feedback was always about how they don’t have to think about what to do.. “just follow the plan”.

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Building programs became a lot of fun for me, and I began to do more research and learn about the top ways to have effective workouts and progressions. After my first initial year of losing weight, I began my new journey to 183lb, and I have been progressing very well for the past 1.5 years adding 16lb of lean muscle using the app and monitoring my progress on each workout session/program.


I have been telling everyone about how I am progressing, using the app, tracking all my fitness progress, and how amazing and immediate results you can get.  Those who succeed in transforming themselves are those who write everything down.  As they say “That which gets measured gets improved.”

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