Personal Trainer In Boca Raton

Personal Trainer In Boca Raton

One On One Personal Training

I have been a personal trainer in Boca Raton for over 15 years and have worked with people of all ages and fitness levels. My goal is to help you build a strong fitness foundation, and progress from there. As a coach, I am not there to count your reps but rather to look at your movements, exercise form, muscle engagement, and intensity. I can also tell if something is not on point for our sessions, like the food, hydration, sleep or if you are not recovering well. I will show you how and what you need to adjust. You need to understand that there isn’t a fixed SYSTEM for a goal, like working out 6 times a week to lose weight or doing 15 reps to build muscle. You are different and it requires a personalized system, for example losing weight for the first time or building muscle, it requires a strategy based on your lifestyle, body type, strengths, weaknesses, ability, time, commitment, sustainability, and a good coach to guide you. Ultimately we want to build a system where we both understand what we need to do in order to reach your goal.

Personal Trainer in Boca Raton



Elite Fitness

To me, Elite Fitness is about having the ability to adapt to many modes of training and exercise levels such as cardio exercise, functional training, corrective exercises, aerobic exercises, isometric training, or more intense workouts for strength training, hypertrophy development, and periodization for elite results. full-body workout, or split training to create an exercise routine that you can stick to.

There are different kinds of fitness:


  • The kind where you feel like you’re being pushed to your limit.
  • The kind where you feel like you could do a few more reps.
  • The kind where you feel like you’re not working hard enough, And then there’s Elite fitness.


Elite fitness is a personal thing. You might be a professional athlete, or you might be a person who is just starting to exercise because you want to be healthier. What I want to address is how to get to that level of fitness where the training session is made just for you.

Elite fitness is when you want to show up for your training session, not because it’s a ‘should’.

Personal Trainer Boca Raton



 Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

If you have fitness goals that you’re having trouble accomplishing on your own, hiring a personal trainer it’s worth the money. None regrets getting in shape! even if it costs money. A personal trainer is someone who creates accountability for you by pushing you to stick to your training schedule. They are trained to understand your body type and goals in order to create a fitness plan that works for you.

Is 1 pt session a week enough?

One Personal Training session can be enough if you’re on the advanced side of fitness, this means that you’re training on your own 3-4 times a week, so you will use that one PT session to train harder/different than usual for progression. If you’re on the new side of fitness I would recommend between 2-4 times a week with a personal trainer. One thing you need to understand is that a good PT will have you doing exercises based on your recovery and working on your muscle imbalances, to help you build a strong foundation so you can further progress into higher fitness levels.

Efficient Training Method

How to maximize time while doing less, instead of spending 2 hours at the gym, I can give similar results in 30 minutes. It’s not a matter of how many or how much but rather how well your connection with your body is and the type of exercises that you do based on the progression/ goal you’re looking for. Not everything works the same for everyone, the type of exercises, reps, weight, and approach to your fitness goal, and because I have over 15 years of working with different people, I can adapt very well to any situation.

If you are a BUSY business professional looking to be healthier and fit you are in the right place, my goal is to help the BUSY pros not waste any time and get results.

If you want to increase your workout time, 1hr training is available, like I said before I’m here to maximize your time and money with results.

Fitness Training For Weight Loss

Most people will say that high-intensity interval training it’s the right way to lose weight, but here is where the knowledge in training comes in and it can vary for each individual, for example, a 30+yr will not recover as quickly as a 20yr old. There’re many ways to train and have an intense workout that will lead to fat loss with no injuries.

Personal Trainers Boca Raton



Gyms in Boca Raton

I have trained in a few different gyms around the area, and what I like about Busy Body Premium East is the energy of the place, the managers, and the management, in over 5yrs I never had a problem. How clean the place is, the trainers and members of the gym. It has showers, a resting area with tv, a fridge in case you need to keep your food in top shape. The variety of equipment is good with everything we need to get results.

Something that many won’t mention is the music that most gyms play (they suck). I don’t know about you but I think music is very important for the workout hype and this gym does it, be aware that I am also listening while we train 🙂 .


Nutrition Guidance

Foods are very important, especially when combined properly with the training sessions and specific goals. As I mention before there is no such thing as a particular food or system, it’s all based on your lifestyle, food preference, and most important… sustainability.

I will guide you and tell you what, how, when, and why you need to eat based on your goal and progression. This is a hard subject to talk about without knowing your goals and personal history. I Make things easy to follow so you don’t have to overthink anything and give you all the options needed to never get stuck with your busy lifestyle.

Mobile App - Nutrition Guidance



Additional services

The app to keep track of your results. Yes, I have an app that can track the foods you eat, progress tracking for each exercise, body weight, body fat, measurements, photos. This is a great tool that I offer to keep track of your results and what we need to adjust.

The biggest advantage is that we get to see what weight and reps were done for an exercise so it makes it easier to progress.

I don’t get to guess how you’re doing with the foods or relying on memory… Less stress for both.

There’re more features, a schedule with notification set up, a coaching section, and more.

An important benefit of using the app is in case you need to travel you can use the workouts from the app ($27.99mo).

Mobile App - Results Tracking