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Let my experience and testimonials speak for themselves. I am ready for the challenge, are you?

Injury rehabilitation
Conditioning training
Firming and toning

Strength training
Weight loss

Circuit training
Functional training
and Body building


  • Great trainer! He keeps my workouts intense and new. I wish I could use him daily. Highly recommended.
    Delaney N.
  • Fun even though the work is hard. I am seeing results after only a few weeks. He's on time, gives me the full training session, mixes it up to keep things interesting, and is very pleasant with a good sense of humor. He knows what he's doing.
    Elaine H.
  • Ignacio is definitely a great trainer, I play college hockey and I was looking to improve my game in the offseason and Ignacio was extremely helpful in helping reaching my fitness goals, I became a lot stronger and a lot faster and the training definitely helped my game. I highly recommend to anybody who plays sports and is looking for that extra edge!
    Hunter S.
  • Ive been a client of Ignacio for over a year, both in the gym for strength training as well as a running coach. He is all you could want as a trainer! Timely, attentive, challenging, friendly, and strong physiology knowledge which all combined leads to goal achievement. I strongly recommend him as a trainer for almost any type of training, whether its cardio, strength, or whatever else your goals might be.
    Hal R.
  • I train with him 3 times a week. He is very punctual and good at staying on task with me. He is constantly changing up my training techniques to keep the workouts fresh and not boring. He is constantly pushing me to train harder. But he always keeps safety and my injuries in check. I highly recommend him for any and all types of personal training and sport specific training.
    Sandy T.
  • Ignacio worked with me with all the attention to detail needed from a personal trainer. He is charismatic, thoughtful, and disciplined with his clients. I recommend Ignacio for your nutrition and personal training needs.
    Jimmy M.
  • Ignacio is very patient and takes the time to really explain how to do the exercises properly. His training sessions are really geared toward your individual needs and he keeps it fun while you work to achieve your goals! Highly recommend him!
    Soraya F.
  • Ignacio is a great motivator with a positive outlook on achieving your fitness goals. He is a terrific personal trainer that mixes up every workout with a blend of cardio, machines and exercises with other equipment. He really listens to his clients to customize a great work out!
    Wendy S.

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